Dance 4 The Weekend With Emotional Wedding Haka

A video from a wedding in New Zealand is currently going viral.

The haka, a traditional Maori dance, was organized by the groom’s best man and his older brother to celebrate the occasion and welcome new family members. The haka has also been used to intimidate the enemy, but in this case the event was certainly more festive than that.

Tears were flooding, emotions were shared. A beautiful thing.
And a beautiful way to start the weekend!
Congratulations Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong!

Enjoy your weekend!

That report from the Prince shows will come next week. But it seems like people are having fun!

Dance 4 The Weekend With Saturday Night Fever

Welcome to a new year with me, Kat!

I hope you guys ended 2015 with a bang and have had a relaxing first day of the new year.

While I guess most have been partying enough now and aren’t going to spend the weekend dancing even more, it’s never wrong to watch others bust a move.

I figured the first weekend of 2016 should be celebrated in a positive and fun way, so what better way than with classic Travolta and Saturday Night Fever?! Enjoy:

Have a good first weekend!!

D4TW With Kpop And BAP

Sorry I’m late!! Here we go…

South Korean pop, aka Kpop, has thanks to the internet become quite a big thing around the globe! So why not have Kpopers B.A.P. do a dance routine?! I’m not a 100 percent sure it’s them dancing or just singing though, so let me know if that’s the case! Even I need to learn new things..;)

Anyhow, enjoy and have a good rest of the weekend!