Prince Surprises Fans With New Album

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Prince surprising you. Even when you should be used to it. You’re never really ready for it.

Just a week ago I wrote about him being OK with his cover of Creep being online again.

Now there’s more.
On Saturday the guy simply decided to drop a new album! Because why promote it beforehand?

The new album HitNRun Phase Two is a follow up to the one he released only a couple of months ago.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. Baltimore
02. RocknRoll Love Affair
03. 2 Y. 2 D.
04. Look at Me, Look at U
05. Stare
06.. Xtraloveable
07. Groovy Potential
08. When She Comes
09. Screwdriver
10.. Black Muse
11. Revelation
12. Big City

From what I’ve heard the album is very upbeat and cool. Most of the songs aren’t new, but he supposedly put a new spin to them. I definitely like the cover. It’s similar to the last one, but it looks better, with those shades and that type of fro. And the colours. That’s about as different as they are.

Unfortunately the album is so far only available on the streaming service Tidal, but I assume that it will be, just the like the previous album,  availabe for physical purchase soon. I’m definitely excited to hear what it sounds like and how the new versions are.

Thanks for the surprise!  😉

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