Demi Lovato Impersonates Christina Aguilera And More

A few days ago singer Demi Lovato was on the Tonight Show and did one of my favourite segments – the Wheel Of Musical Impressions. You know I looove good impressions!

She wasn’t as spot on as, say,  Ariana Grande, but her Christina Aguilera did show that she has stronger pipes than one might have thought. Demi Lovato sure can sing!

Fun Videos From Last Week Starring Sia And JLo

There were a couple of funny videos and tv segments last week that I never got to post, so I’m doing it now.

Let’s start with Sia, who was the latest of James Corden’s carpoolers. Will she show her face? Does she sound great?

No and yes.

Then we have Jennifer Lopez on the Tonight Show. Even though the gorgeous woman is closer to 50 (!!) she did an hilarious impression of your random teenager together with Jimmy Fallon on “Ew!”:


Billy Joel & Jimmy Fallon Sing Beast Of Burden

As we’ve got to know during the past years, Jimmy Fallon isn’t only a funny host, he’s also a musical talent. Of course he can sing together with another big musical talent and make it sound good. Even when he’s joking around.

Billy Joel was that talent recently. The piano man joined forced with Jimmy to sing a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Beast Of Burden. And Jimmy let his inner Mick Jagger out.

New Star Wars Received With Open Arms & The Cast Sings

Today the new Star Wars film has it’s official premiere. A lightsaber or two can be seen every once in a while around town.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most hyped film of the year, or decade even, and could easily have been met with disappointment, as is often the case.

But from what I can see now already the reviews are surprsingly unanimous.

If you hate too much information, then stop reading now! Spoiler alert!

The film has so far a whooping 9.1/10 ranking on imdb and both movie-goers and critics seem to love what they’ve seen.

HERE‘s a review by Variety, which starts with the words “J.J. Abram’s hugely anticipated blockbuster brings welcome jolts of energy, warmth and excitement back to the biggest franchise in movie history.”

Not bad, not bad indeed. Now I definitely want to see it…

In honor of this magical world of stars and wars, I give you the cast together with Jimmy Fallon & The Roots doing a nice acapella tribute. Yes, Harrison Ford is in it as well.

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