The Olsen Twins Will Not Be In Fuller House, But…

Baby Michelle Tanner was everyone’s darling in the 90’s. She’s was one of the daughters in the hit sitcom Full House, played by the Olsen Twins who grew up to be quite successful women.

Unfortunately Mary-Kate and Asleh won’t be taking part in the Full House reunion, which will be available on Netflix next year as Fuller House. But Michelle can’t have died or something, we wouldn’t like that, no!

So…. In the new series baby Michelle won’t be a little girl anymore, obviously, but a grown woman with a job. A creative job as a fashion designer in New York. Just like the girls in real life! With that story there is good reason for Michelle to be away and busy. And the show can be done without any drama.

Clever move! Or just a quick fix to the problem…

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing if Fuller House will be a fun thing or something that should have been left on the shelf of ideas.


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