Rihanna Gets Real On Anti – Plus She Has A New Video

The anticipation was high when Rihanna last month released her first album in four years.

Anti is raw, dark and gritty, but also playful and exciting. It’s Rihanna’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album that truly showed how good and artsy Kanye West could be. There’s no doubt that Anti is the singer’s most intriguing album to date.

The album is cocky and explicit. The f-word is thrown around like nothing and the lyrics are more of what we are used to hearing from male artists. A good example is Sex With Me, where Ri-Ri is basically bragging about how good she is in bed (“sex with me so amazing”).

But Anti is also soulful and emotional. Close To You and Love On The Brain are two  slower tracks that are unusualy romantic for Rihanna and show off her vocal skills. They still got attitude of course – after all, we are talking about Rihanna.

I guess you have noticed that I’m a fan of Anti. Sure, there are a couple of tracks that aren’t worth mentioning, but all in all it’s a success. Layered, real and fun.

The Guardian wrote that it’s the kind of album you make when you don’t have to worry about sales and that is spot on. That is when artists dare to be creative, try out new sounds and record more interestingly intricate pieces. Ri-Ri has finally done it.

By the way, Rihanna has also just released the steamy video for her first single Work, featuring Drake. We have a new hit.

Song Of The Week: All I Ask

When Adele sang her new song at the Grammys last week things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Technical issues basically muted her for a short period and the performance became a “talker”. Adele wasn’t a happy camper.

A couple of days ago Adele was on Ellen and got the chance to do it right, without any technical iussues. Yay!

All I Ask is off of her latest album and 25 and written by none other than Bruno Mars. A beautifully emotional piece about a relationship on the verge of breakup.

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
‘Cause what if I never love again?

Adele Has A New Song Out

Adele’s Hello quickly became a smash hit. Yesterday the singer decided to give us something new again, before the release of her new album on Friday.

It’s a live session of a song called When We Were Young. While I find parts of it to sound slightly off and in the wrong key, most of the recording is powerful and beautiful.

I mean, it’s Adele after all. And yes, it’s a ballad. Duh.

SOTW: Imagine

After the tragic terror attacks in Paris, Baghdad and Beirut the world is in shock.

Some places witness attacks like these all the time. It is absolutely horrific what some people are capable of doing to others…

A musician in Paris decided to pay tribute to the victims of the recent attacks by playing John Lennon’s Imagine outside of Bataclan concert hall the day after 89 of them were killed there. It’s still a powerful song and powerful statement. And my Song Of The Week:

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…


Prince Goes On European Tour

My man Prince is always full of surprises! Not long ago he suddenly returned to Instagram. And now he’s decided he return to the European stages as well!!

It came as a surprise to many when Prince announced over the weekend that he’ll do a one-man show and tour Europe with only a piano and a microphone. Like, seriously?! Is Prince really going on tour?! Without distractions?! Weeeeeeee!!!!!!!! As you may notice, I am not unhappy about it…

According to Dr Funkenberry, the tour, aptly named Prince Spotlight: Piano & A Microphone, will be a quicky though and include 11 countries and 16 cities in just one month!  It starts as soon as next Saturday in Vienna, Austria (at the Konzerthaus)! Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Spain… are a few of the other places that’ll be able to funk on asap.

As usual everything isn’t fixed yet, so when it comes to exact dates you better keep your eyes open! And you never know, Princey may very well add more stops to his list and funk across Europe longer than planned… Also be prepared that he’ll do a few new songs you’ve never heard, unless you do have his latest album HitnRun. Otherwise you should take a listen, because it’s definitely not all bad!

Gosh, I hope there are some good dates for yours truly to attend! There’s not much room for planning…


Photo via thefourohfive.com


SOTW: More Than This

As an 80’s kid I have those periods where I am extra fond of the music from that decade and wish I had been born a few years earlier so I had had some real time to enjoy the stuff. But thankfully there’s YouTube!

The most elegant singer was probably Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry, the James Bond of 80’s rock. RM have some fantastic pieces that have become true classics.

One of them is my Song Of The Week:


SOTW: Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd’s summer hit was first introduced to me by Mr Tom Cruise, who hilariously lip synched to it on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago (you gotta see it, so video is at the end of this post).

Can’t Feel My Face is like 2 songs blended into 1, creating something that’s impossible to forget. Check it out:

Delicious, right?!

Oh, and here ya go:

SOTW: No Sleep

It’s been a looong while since we could hear new music from Janet Jackson, but now it’s here! Her brand new single No Sleep was made public a few weeks ago and hos now over 2 million listens on YouTube, which shows that people are still curious about the lady.

The song is a loungy chill-out track, which reminds me of some of Janet’s stuff from the 90’s (a good thing in my book).


And in case you want to know what the lyrics are, here ya go:



I reported a couple of months ago that there would be new music from Prince this summer and today, on the first day of July, we got just that!

It’s not an album, but a single called HARDROCKLOVER and from what I can judge he seems to be going for a rockier/edgier sound. It’s filled with sexual desire and screaming, so Princey is definitely feeling raunchy again (which we all love)!

You can listen to the song over at Dr Funkenberry.

Mini review: This song is a grower, it makes you feel somehow odd at first but then you can’t help but being caught up in all the emotions and scream “Oooowwwaah!”. Definitely makes me curious about the other songs that are to come!

Rating: 3 out of 5 Kats

Btw, is that a woman’s leg sticking out in the picture or is Prince showing off his assets? Nah, must be a female who’s fainted. Nice of Princey to support her with his guitar… Wait, I just realized that the whole body is probably a woman’s. Duh. New model, love interest, dancer?? Hmm, the plot thickens…


Photo via hiphop-n-more.com