New Game Of Thrones Posters Are Dead Serious

Yesterday HBO’s Twitter account gave us a new sneak peek of what’s to come in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones in the form of posters.

Sounds fun? It isn’t.

The posters show the head of each of the characters, including the ones already killed, with eyes closed in some sort of stone frame, as if dead.

The question is: What does this mean?

Can we expect all the main characters to die this season? Or are they just having a beauty sleep? Were they ever really alive? What is the meaning of life?

Game Of Thrones raises the deepest questions…
All I know is that it’s wickedly smart marketing and that I can’t wait until 24 April!

Photos via @GameOfThrones/Twitter

Game Of Thrones Shows What Is Coming Next Year

We’ve seen the new poster. Now there’s already more…

Yesterday the Internet was graced with a 41 second short teaser for the sixth series of Game Of Thrones. After just two hours the clip had almost 100 000 views. That’s how curious people are about what’s to come!

People seem to be right about Jon Snow playing a vital part next year, in one way or another. And another guy:

Yup, we’ll definitely get to see more of Bran Stark. And more action.

It’s always hard to tell by teasers how good or bad something will be, but the upcoming season does certainly look intriguing and doomsday-ish!

To be continued…