Final Season Of American Idol Has Begun

American Idol has been a hit making machine for the past 13 years. And now it’s almost come to an end.

Yesterday the 15th and very last season of the TV show premiered in the US. Harry Connick Jr, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are once again the judges, a popular trio that has had good chemistry, but still not managed to save the show from drowning. People have moved on to other things and nothing lasts forever.

I didn’t see last night’s show, so I don’t know how it went. But what I do know is that the auditions kicked off in Denver, Colorado and end today in San Francisco. The auditions are obviously not live as they were recorded last year, but the actual perfomances are live, as always.

On today’s episode I assume we will get to see the already famous “audition” from Kanye West, who decided to have some fun in SF last year and see what the judges thought of his talent. After all, JLo has been part of a very popular song of his. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to wait until tonight to watch Kanye joking around, you can watch the audition below:

Since it’s the last chance for people to be called the winner of American Idol, let’s hope that the judges and voters find someone really special this time! Let’s have the best one win, for a change. Yes, I’m still bitter over Joshua Ledet coming third in 2012…

In a few months we’ll know who…

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