New Game Of Thrones Posters Are Dead Serious

Yesterday HBO’s Twitter account gave us a new sneak peek of what’s to come in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones in the form of posters.

Sounds fun? It isn’t.

The posters show the head of each of the characters, including the ones already killed, with eyes closed in some sort of stone frame, as if dead.

The question is: What does this mean?

Can we expect all the main characters to die this season? Or are they just having a beauty sleep? Were they ever really alive? What is the meaning of life?

Game Of Thrones raises the deepest questions…
All I know is that it’s wickedly smart marketing and that I can’t wait until 24 April!

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People Want To Boycott Beyoncé After Super Bowl Performance

Beyoncé’s performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has become quite the talk of the town! And not only in a positive way. Oh no, quite a few people were actually very offended by it.

“Did we see the same show?!”, you might ask.

Well, the references and messages were quite subtle and could easily have been missed if you just casually watched the show. Even I didn’t reflect much upon what was going on the first times I watched.

But Beyoncé and her crew were in fact showing support for Black Lives Matter and taking a stance against police brutality. The song Beyoncé performed, Formation, does in itself deal with these subjects plus the devastation after Hurricane Katrina. But there were also fists being held up in the air and signs being shown (see link). In addition, the dancers’ outfits were very reminiscent of the Black Panther Party.

Thus, this has sparked controversy as some didn’t find the Super Bowl to be the appropriate venue for this sort of statement.
Some people even go as far as calling Beyoncé racist and are now calling for a boycott against the singer. “Some”, as in angry white people. You read it right.

Hashtag #BoycottBeyonce is calling for a protest in New York on 16 February to take a stance against Beyoncé’s “race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl” and the “slap in the face to law enforcement”.


It’s pretty fair to say that this shows how good and important it really was for Beyoncé to make a statement.

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Cast Of Friends Reunited In New Photo

Legendary American TV-director James Burrows is being celebrated.

40 years of hits such as Friends, Cheers, Frasier, Will & Grace, Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory has resulted in a TV special which will be aired on 21 February in the States.

People have been longing to see the entire cast of Friends together again, 12 years after it finished, and now, thanks to some of the Bing Bang stars, there is a satisfying picture:

Awwwwww! Friends and Big Bang together! They certainly haven’t changed much.
The only Friend missing is Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing, who couldn’t be part of the event due to work in London.

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Miley Cyrus To Star In New Woody Allen Series

I’d never thought of Miley Cyrus and Woody Allen as collegues. But apparently they will be just that!

Under a picture of Allen, Miley Cyrus has let her Instagram followers know that she’s “stoked” to be in his upcoming TV series taking place in the 1960’s. More exactly, she wrote:

Fuck yeah ! Stoked to be in Woody Allens first series!!!!! I had claimed 2016 to be my year of “chillin the fuck out” but next to my bed for a few years now has been this portrait of W.A. & I was looking into his eyes when I got the call to be apart of the cast and work alongside the bad a$$ Elaine May & da dude himself! 1960zzzz here I cummmmm ?????

Shooting starts in a couple of months, so when exactly the show will premiere is still unknown. But it will be available via Amazon Prime.

I love me some Woody Allen, so I can’t say I’m not intersted in the result!
Miley seems like an unusual choice, but she could be great.

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Celebrities Boycott Oscars

Not all invited to the 88th Academy Awards in February will be showing up.

A number of celebrities have now planned to boycott the Oscars due to its lack of diversity.

Only white movie people were nominated this year, something that is the rule rather than the exception. Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and director Spike Lee are two of those who will not attent the event.

On her Facebook page Jada Pinkett-Smith posted a video yesterday explaining her stance on the issue: “Begging for acknowledgment or even asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power. And we are a dignified people, and we are powerful.”

Jada’s husband Will Smith was not nominated for an Oscar this year, but did get an Golden Globe nomination for his role in Concussion. People are speculating whether or not it’s the reason for her boycott, but whatever it may be, it can still be a good message to send the Academy and people watching.

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Prince To Host Gala Event At Paisley Park

Prince has hinted on his social network accounts that something will happen in the 21st of January. For a number of days.

Just a few hours ago his Twitter confirmed what will be going down. The picture above has been posted with the text “Piano & A Microphone Gala Event, January 21 2016, Paisley Park”. Not more info needed, ey!?

Originally Piano & A Microphone was the title of the European Tour he was supposed to be on now, but after the recent terror attacks, Prince cancelled the shows. I assume this is a way of keeping them alive, even if it’s at his studios in the US.

The fact that it’s a gala event suggests that there will be numerous celebrities invited and perhaps some sort of charity involved.

As far as I can remember Princey has also been tweeting singers like Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora that they’re invited the 21st, but those tweets seem to have been deleted. I assume we can still count on some of them being there. Gorgeous women and Prince go hand in hand like I don’t know what.

Looking forward to hearing more as the day approaches, Princey!

Best Of 2015

It’s always a bag of mixed emotions for me, the last day of the year.

On one hand it’s sad to say goodbye to the past 12 months of happenings, on the other hand it’s exciting to look foward to the unknown.

But before we do look forward, I am going to look back and list some of my favourite stuff of 2015. Now, I only name the new pieces I’ve actually taken the time to enjoy myself, so the list is obviously not very… complete, in that sense.

Best Film

“The Theory Of Everything”.
Because of Eddie Redmayne’s outstanding performance.

Best TV Show

“Game Of Thrones”.
Because it’s still the most gripping stuff on TV. And I have yet to see the last seasons of Mad Men and Downton Abbey…

Best Late-Night TV Host

James Corden on “The Late Late Show”.
Took over from the great Craig Ferguson this year and put his own spin on the show. Trevor Noah, who replaced Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, is good, but sadly not as charistmatic and brilliant as his predecessor.

Best Song

This was so incredibly hard. Impossible to decide really. So I mention some of the best instead:
“1000 X’s & O’s” (Prince), “Bad Blood” (Taylor Swift), “Hello” (Adele), “Sugar” (Maroon 5 ), “Uptown Funk” (Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars – although it was released 2014 already) and more…

Best Album

“1989” by Taylor Swift.
From end of last year, but is also part of 2015. Made the list because of strong pop songs and hardly any lackluster fillers. I wish I could name Prince’s two new albums instead, but they just contain too many bland tunes.

Best Music Video

“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift/Joseph Kahn.
Because I can’t resist the overload of girl power.

Best Youtuber

Grav3yardgirl (also known as Bunny).
Kind of a tie between her and Shane Dawson. Love the goofiness, vibrant personality and simple video ideas. Also appreciate Bunny not being afraid to skip makeup.

Best Novel

“The Fortune Hunter” by Daisy Goodwin.
From last year really, but whatever. It’s almost like a better version of a Harlequin novel. Hence, not classic material for future generations, but an enjoyable read for everyone who likes history and romance. And strong female protagonists.

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Sinead O’Connor Tells The Story Of How Prince Scared The Crap Out Of Her

It is an age old story that has been debated numerous times over the years.

What really happened that night Irish singer Sinead O’Connor visited Prince’s Paisley Park Studios?

Eight hours ago, Sinead seemingly felt like finally telling us the story via Facebook.
Here it goes (it’s a long, but good read):


So, was Prince just playing “Shine-head” a horrific prank?
Or is he, in fact, a bloodcurdling demon??

To be continued…

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News Discuss 2015

Gotta love Lie Witness News!

Jimmy Kimmel’s people go out on town to talk with people about important events. Usually very fake ones. But people still seem to know about them! The magic of trying to sound informed…

A week ago they asked people about the major events of 2015. Made up ones, of course.

So, since we’re just a couple of days away from the new year, let’s revel in the fake  happenings of the past 12 months… Apparently John Lennon gave a great concert!

Prince Surprises Fans With New Album

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Prince surprising you. Even when you should be used to it. You’re never really ready for it.

Just a week ago I wrote about him being OK with his cover of Creep being online again.

Now there’s more.
On Saturday the guy simply decided to drop a new album! Because why promote it beforehand?

The new album HitNRun Phase Two is a follow up to the one he released only a couple of months ago.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. Baltimore
02. RocknRoll Love Affair
03. 2 Y. 2 D.
04. Look at Me, Look at U
05. Stare
06.. Xtraloveable
07. Groovy Potential
08. When She Comes
09. Screwdriver
10.. Black Muse
11. Revelation
12. Big City

From what I’ve heard the album is very upbeat and cool. Most of the songs aren’t new, but he supposedly put a new spin to them. I definitely like the cover. It’s similar to the last one, but it looks better, with those shades and that type of fro. And the colours. That’s about as different as they are.

Unfortunately the album is so far only available on the streaming service Tidal, but I assume that it will be, just the like the previous album,  availabe for physical purchase soon. I’m definitely excited to hear what it sounds like and how the new versions are.

Thanks for the surprise!  😉

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The Olsen Twins Will Not Be In Fuller House, But…

Baby Michelle Tanner was everyone’s darling in the 90’s. She’s was one of the daughters in the hit sitcom Full House, played by the Olsen Twins who grew up to be quite successful women.

Unfortunately Mary-Kate and Asleh won’t be taking part in the Full House reunion, which will be available on Netflix next year as Fuller House. But Michelle can’t have died or something, we wouldn’t like that, no!

So…. In the new series baby Michelle won’t be a little girl anymore, obviously, but a grown woman with a job. A creative job as a fashion designer in New York. Just like the girls in real life! With that story there is good reason for Michelle to be away and busy. And the show can be done without any drama.

Clever move! Or just a quick fix to the problem…

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing if Fuller House will be a fun thing or something that should have been left on the shelf of ideas.


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