BAFTA Awards – Winners & Videos

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, also knows as the BAFTA, had its prestigious awards ceremony on Sunday.

Here are this year’s winners:

The Revenant – Steve Golin, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Arnon Milchan, Mary Parent, Keith Redmon

Adapted Screenplay
The Big Short – Adam McKay, Charles Randolph

Leading Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

Leading Actress
Brie Larson in Room

Supporting Actor
Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies

Supporting Actress
Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs

Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant

Animated Film
Inside Out – Pete Docter

Outstanding British Film
Brooklyn – John Crowley, Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey, Nick Hornby

British Short Film
Operator – Caroline Bartleet, Rebecca Morgan

EE Rising Star
John Boyega

Make-Up And Hair
Mad Max: Fury Road – Lesley Vanderwalt, Damian Martin

The Revenant – Emmanuel Lubezki

Original Music
The Hateful Eight – Ennio Morricone

For more winners, visit the BAFTAs.

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Now, some fun/good videos from the night:


Dance 4 The Weekend With Beyoncé Formation

With all the backlash Beyoncé has been getting after her halftime show performance I feel like showcasing even more of Bey this week. Standing up for injustice is supposed to be a good thing.

This time it’s in the form of a dance crew that has their own kick-ass dance routine for Bey’s “controversial” track Formation. You know, Black Lives Matter….

Willdabeast Adams is the choreographer – and willd it is indeed.

These guys have attitude, these guys are fierce. These guys are perfect for the weekend. Be inspired:

People Want To Boycott Beyoncé After Super Bowl Performance

Beyoncé’s performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has become quite the talk of the town! And not only in a positive way. Oh no, quite a few people were actually very offended by it.

“Did we see the same show?!”, you might ask.

Well, the references and messages were quite subtle and could easily have been missed if you just casually watched the show. Even I didn’t reflect much upon what was going on the first times I watched.

But Beyoncé and her crew were in fact showing support for Black Lives Matter and taking a stance against police brutality. The song Beyoncé performed, Formation, does in itself deal with these subjects plus the devastation after Hurricane Katrina. But there were also fists being held up in the air and signs being shown (see link). In addition, the dancers’ outfits were very reminiscent of the Black Panther Party.

Thus, this has sparked controversy as some didn’t find the Super Bowl to be the appropriate venue for this sort of statement.
Some people even go as far as calling Beyoncé racist and are now calling for a boycott against the singer. “Some”, as in angry white people. You read it right.

Hashtag #BoycottBeyonce is calling for a protest in New York on 16 February to take a stance against Beyoncé’s “race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl” and the “slap in the face to law enforcement”.


It’s pretty fair to say that this shows how good and important it really was for Beyoncé to make a statement.

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Coldplay, Beyoncé & Bruno Mars Entertain At Super Bowl Halftime Show

More Beyoncé now. She’s been unavoidable this weekend. Unless you haven’t been online until… now.

The American musical extravaganza in the form of the Super Bowl halftime show took place yesterday. American football and music have become an important combo. Especially when the Super Bowl turns 50.

Let’s start with the National Anthem though. It’s a big deal for artists, and this year none other than Lady Gaga got to sing it. If you still didn’t think she could sing, you were proven wrong:

The American National Anthem is the only one I know that is so powerful, it can make  anyone shed a tear when sung right.

Then came the halftime show. And it wasn’t just one band or artist. No.
Coldplay were the headline act. Then came Bruno Mars and his guys. Then, to top it all off, Beyoncé. Because why not.

I must say, I was left sliiightly unimpressed by it. It was a joyful and entertaining little show, but not spectacularly great.

I feel almost bad for Coldplay since people only seem to be raving about Beyoncé’s part today, as always. But the guys’ were good too and I can’t see Bey as being the be-all and end-all of everything. She was smart and payed homage to Michael Jackson’s classic performance with her outfit and she did a good job. That’s it. Bruno Mars and his crew were a fun addition.

All in all, it was a nice show.

Song Of The Week: Formation

Gosh, it’s a struggle!
I’ve been away due to the flu and have still not recovered from it. But even if I’m weak as heck I figured I had enough energy to write a few lines again!

Since it’s Monday, let’s start with my pick for SOTW. You’ve probably heard about this lady and her new song all weekend. Her first new song since 2014. I know it’s hard to believe since Beyoncé is always there anyhow, but Formation is her first new jam in quite a while, released to get her Super Bowl halftime show even more hyped.

I’m not totally in love with the song, yet I’ve noticed I can’t get it out of my head, so Bey must have done something right. It’s a weird piece.
Decide for yourself:

Btw, Queen Bey has also taken the weekend to announce a world tour, named after the new single. Why be satisfied with a new hit song and a Super Bowl halftime show, ya know?!

The Formation tour kicks off in April and includes the US and Europe. Click HERE to see dates and cities.

Sean Hayes And James Corden Play Bieber On Big Floor Piano

Did you ever watch the movie Big and wish you could play a giant floor piano just like Tom Hanks?! I know I did!

TV-star Sean Hayes ( Will & Grace, etc) visited the Late Late Show a few days ago and did just that with host James Corden.

With a more modern twist though, by playing Justin Bieber’s latest hit Sorry.
Well, I’m not sorry to have seen that!

Miley Cyrus To Star In New Woody Allen Series

I’d never thought of Miley Cyrus and Woody Allen as collegues. But apparently they will be just that!

Under a picture of Allen, Miley Cyrus has let her Instagram followers know that she’s “stoked” to be in his upcoming TV series taking place in the 1960’s. More exactly, she wrote:

Fuck yeah ! Stoked to be in Woody Allens first series!!!!! I had claimed 2016 to be my year of “chillin the fuck out” but next to my bed for a few years now has been this portrait of W.A. & I was looking into his eyes when I got the call to be apart of the cast and work alongside the bad a$$ Elaine May & da dude himself! 1960zzzz here I cummmmm ?????

Shooting starts in a couple of months, so when exactly the show will premiere is still unknown. But it will be available via Amazon Prime.

I love me some Woody Allen, so I can’t say I’m not intersted in the result!
Miley seems like an unusual choice, but she could be great.

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Prince Solo Shows Wow International Crowd

On Thursday the 21st Prince turned his Paisley Park complex into an international music gala castle featuring only him. Hard to believe that it was the first time in Prince’s career he didn’t share the stage with anyone but his piano and mike!

If you haven’t had a chance to ready anything about the event yet, I know that you’ll want to know the setlist NOW, so here it is:

“I Wanna Be Your Lover”
“Dirty Mind”
“Do Me, Baby”
“Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)”
“A Case of You” (Joni Mitchell)
“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” (Traditional)
“The Beautiful Ones”
“U’r Gonna C Me”
“Condition of the Heart”
“Raspberry Beret”
“Paisley Park”
“Sometimes It Snows In April”
“I Love U, But I Don’t Trust U Anymore”
“The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”
“Unchain My Heart” (Ray Charles)
“Rock and Roll Love Affair”
“Starfish and Coffee”
“The Breakdown”
“Anna Stesia”

First of all, if you happen to be familiar with Prince you can see that quite a few of the tracks are very emotional pieces. Just the fact that he played Anna Stesia makes me almost purple with envy!

If you haven’t heard the song – try to find someone who can guide you to it. It is such a masterpiece of emotions, dark, haunting, spiritual and impossible to forget.

Have you ever been so lonely
That you felt like you were the
Only one in this world?

Have you ever wanted to play
With someone so much you’d take
Any one boy or girl?

Anna Stesia come to me
Talk to me, ravish me
Liberate my mind…

Two shows in a row Princey did, so that as many as possible could enjoy the atmosphere. Not bad. Tribute to David Bowie was payed by Prince saying “I only met him once. He was nice to me. He seemed like he was nice to everybody.”

Rolling Stone’s writer Keith Harris seemed very pleased with the night, describing it as “emotional” and “familiar melodies splintered into virtuosic cascades for a dreamlike effect, as though Prince was remembering the birth of his career in real time.” The unique shows were quite intimate with only a little over 1000 people per show.

I’m wishing more and more I could have been there. Like seriously. SEEEERRRIOUSLY.

Nevertheless, there were al lot of other people who actually were there. On forums I could read about plenty of people from Europe and all kinds of places on Earth traveling to the US just for these shows. That’s dedication! And quite typical in the Princedom.

Because of people having flown in from far away, the gates were opened the day after as well and people could continue to party. Prince was lurking in the background while old school funkster Larry Graham and Shelby J played on stage.

Apparently Prince had also offered some people cookies. Homemade ones? Who knows… But the idea of Prince not only doing pancakes, but also baking cookies, is fantastic!

Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed, so there’s nothing to show. Just imagine it.

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Song Of The Week: With This Tear

Celine Dion is going through an incredibly rough time at the moment. Both her husband and brother passed away a week or two ago after battling cancer.

With This Tear is therefore the song that’s been on my mind lately. One of the most beautifully emotional ballads I know, written in the 90’s by none other than Prince.

I’ll leave it it that. Here’s my SOTW:

Prayers to Celine Dion and her family.

Prince Performs At Paisley Park Tonight

In case anyone forgot and still has time to rush to the United States…

As I’ve reported before, Prince cancelled his European tour and changed it into a two day gala event at his Paisley Park estate near Minneapolis. Tonight the first show starts.

Old and new hits and some unknown material is to be expected. I’ve also read something about there perhaps being the opportunity to buy a physical copy of his latest album. Fans still do that, ya know. Fans even fly from Europe to the US for this. Not me though… *sigh*

Hope people there have fun and I can report some more details tomorrow!

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