New Game Of Thrones Posters Are Dead Serious

Yesterday HBO’s Twitter account gave us a new sneak peek of what’s to come in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones in the form of posters.

Sounds fun? It isn’t.

The posters show the head of each of the characters, including the ones already killed, with eyes closed in some sort of stone frame, as if dead.

The question is: What does this mean?

Can we expect all the main characters to die this season? Or are they just having a beauty sleep? Were they ever really alive? What is the meaning of life?

Game Of Thrones raises the deepest questions…
All I know is that it’s wickedly smart marketing and that I can’t wait until 24 April!

Photos via @GameOfThrones/Twitter

Rihanna Gets Real On Anti – Plus She Has A New Video

The anticipation was high when Rihanna last month released her first album in four years.

Anti is raw, dark and gritty, but also playful and exciting. It’s Rihanna’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album that truly showed how good and artsy Kanye West could be. There’s no doubt that Anti is the singer’s most intriguing album to date.

The album is cocky and explicit. The f-word is thrown around like nothing and the lyrics are more of what we are used to hearing from male artists. A good example is Sex With Me, where Ri-Ri is basically bragging about how good she is in bed (“sex with me so amazing”).

But Anti is also soulful and emotional. Close To You and Love On The Brain are two  slower tracks that are unusualy romantic for Rihanna and show off her vocal skills. They still got attitude of course – after all, we are talking about Rihanna.

I guess you have noticed that I’m a fan of Anti. Sure, there are a couple of tracks that aren’t worth mentioning, but all in all it’s a success. Layered, real and fun.

The Guardian wrote that it’s the kind of album you make when you don’t have to worry about sales and that is spot on. That is when artists dare to be creative, try out new sounds and record more interestingly intricate pieces. Ri-Ri has finally done it.

By the way, Rihanna has also just released the steamy video for her first single Work, featuring Drake. We have a new hit.

People Want To Boycott Beyoncé After Super Bowl Performance

Beyoncé’s performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has become quite the talk of the town! And not only in a positive way. Oh no, quite a few people were actually very offended by it.

“Did we see the same show?!”, you might ask.

Well, the references and messages were quite subtle and could easily have been missed if you just casually watched the show. Even I didn’t reflect much upon what was going on the first times I watched.

But Beyoncé and her crew were in fact showing support for Black Lives Matter and taking a stance against police brutality. The song Beyoncé performed, Formation, does in itself deal with these subjects plus the devastation after Hurricane Katrina. But there were also fists being held up in the air and signs being shown (see link). In addition, the dancers’ outfits were very reminiscent of the Black Panther Party.

Thus, this has sparked controversy as some didn’t find the Super Bowl to be the appropriate venue for this sort of statement.
Some people even go as far as calling Beyoncé racist and are now calling for a boycott against the singer. “Some”, as in angry white people. You read it right.

Hashtag #BoycottBeyonce is calling for a protest in New York on 16 February to take a stance against Beyoncé’s “race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl” and the “slap in the face to law enforcement”.


It’s pretty fair to say that this shows how good and important it really was for Beyoncé to make a statement.

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Dance 4 The Weekend With Emotional Wedding Haka

A video from a wedding in New Zealand is currently going viral.

The haka, a traditional Maori dance, was organized by the groom’s best man and his older brother to celebrate the occasion and welcome new family members. The haka has also been used to intimidate the enemy, but in this case the event was certainly more festive than that.

Tears were flooding, emotions were shared. A beautiful thing.
And a beautiful way to start the weekend!
Congratulations Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong!

Enjoy your weekend!

That report from the Prince shows will come next week. But it seems like people are having fun!

Kanye West Plans To Cover David Bowie And Fans Are Angry

Now that David Bowie has passed away, Kanye West has come up with a new idea:
A tribute album with his take on Bowie’s classics. Some will apparently be Kanye singing, some will be him rapping and putting his own spin on the songs.

These news have naturally created mixed reactions. The Guardian has written a piece calling Kanye the perfect person for the job and “the closest we have to Bowie in the modern mainstream”. Bold statement.

Most comments I have read have been horrified. In fact, angry David Bowie fans have even started a petition to stop Kanye West from doing the album. The reasoning?
“David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century, it would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West.”

Over 11 000 people have already signed the petition. Which, I think, shows how important this is to some. Wow.

Leave it to Kanye to get the Internet going! I doubt he’ll stay away from doing the tribute though. Well, I’m certainly interested in hearing Yeezy rap Space Oddity…

To be continued…

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Celebrities Boycott Oscars

Not all invited to the 88th Academy Awards in February will be showing up.

A number of celebrities have now planned to boycott the Oscars due to its lack of diversity.

Only white movie people were nominated this year, something that is the rule rather than the exception. Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and director Spike Lee are two of those who will not attent the event.

On her Facebook page Jada Pinkett-Smith posted a video yesterday explaining her stance on the issue: “Begging for acknowledgment or even asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power. And we are a dignified people, and we are powerful.”

Jada’s husband Will Smith was not nominated for an Oscar this year, but did get an Golden Globe nomination for his role in Concussion. People are speculating whether or not it’s the reason for her boycott, but whatever it may be, it can still be a good message to send the Academy and people watching.

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Golden Globes 2016 – Best Moments

So guys, I’ve viewed the Golden Globes now and have some videos to share with you.

Host Ricky Gervais was playing his part to a tee, being the most uninterested and bored host ever (perhaps?). While I didn’t find him as funny as previously, he still made me laugh, being his rude and provocative self. Don’t come to the Globes expecting Ricky to be kind to you!

The Internet had a field day with Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction when Lady Gaga walked passed him to get her Globe. I have no idea what went through his mind, but it looks funny:

Here’s her speech. She forgot to mention her fiancée, which some love to highlight, but whoopdidoo.

Here’s Leo’s speech for when he won for best actor in a motion picture. One of the most important speeches of the night, raising awareness for how indigenous people are treated:

Also beatiful speech by Denzel Washington when receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award:

Taraji P Henson’s speech after having handed out cookies to some of her collegues (due to her name in the hit show Empire), showing she’s a bad ass woman:

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence being the best friends that they are and acting silly, while making me want to join them. Followed by Matt Damon’s speech.

Sylvester Stallone’s speech when winning a Globe for the first time since the 70’s. Being one cool mumbler:

For more videos, check the Tube!

All in all it looked like a long, but pretty fun affair.

My favourite dresses will be up tomorrow!

Prince To Host Gala Event At Paisley Park

Prince has hinted on his social network accounts that something will happen in the 21st of January. For a number of days.

Just a few hours ago his Twitter confirmed what will be going down. The picture above has been posted with the text “Piano & A Microphone Gala Event, January 21 2016, Paisley Park”. Not more info needed, ey!?

Originally Piano & A Microphone was the title of the European Tour he was supposed to be on now, but after the recent terror attacks, Prince cancelled the shows. I assume this is a way of keeping them alive, even if it’s at his studios in the US.

The fact that it’s a gala event suggests that there will be numerous celebrities invited and perhaps some sort of charity involved.

As far as I can remember Princey has also been tweeting singers like Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora that they’re invited the 21st, but those tweets seem to have been deleted. I assume we can still count on some of them being there. Gorgeous women and Prince go hand in hand like I don’t know what.

Looking forward to hearing more as the day approaches, Princey!