Rihanna Gets Real On Anti – Plus She Has A New Video

The anticipation was high when Rihanna last month released her first album in four years.

Anti is raw, dark and gritty, but also playful and exciting. It’s Rihanna’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album that truly showed how good and artsy Kanye West could be. There’s no doubt that Anti is the singer’s most intriguing album to date.

The album is cocky and explicit. The f-word is thrown around like nothing and the lyrics are more of what we are used to hearing from male artists. A good example is Sex With Me, where Ri-Ri is basically bragging about how good she is in bed (“sex with me so amazing”).

But Anti is also soulful and emotional. Close To You and Love On The Brain are two  slower tracks that are unusualy romantic for Rihanna and show off her vocal skills. They still got attitude of course Рafter all, we are talking about Rihanna.

I guess you have noticed that I’m a fan of Anti. Sure, there are a couple of tracks that aren’t worth mentioning, but all in all it’s a success. Layered, real and fun.

The Guardian wrote that it’s the kind of album you make when you don’t have to worry about sales and that is spot on. That is when artists dare to be creative, try out new sounds and record more interestingly intricate pieces. Ri-Ri has finally done it.

By the way, Rihanna has also just released the steamy video for her first single Work, featuring Drake. We have a new hit.

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