People Want To Boycott Beyoncé After Super Bowl Performance

Beyoncé’s performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has become quite the talk of the town! And not only in a positive way. Oh no, quite a few people were actually very offended by it.

“Did we see the same show?!”, you might ask.

Well, the references and messages were quite subtle and could easily have been missed if you just casually watched the show. Even I didn’t reflect much upon what was going on the first times I watched.

But Beyoncé and her crew were in fact showing support for Black Lives Matter and taking a stance against police brutality. The song Beyoncé performed, Formation, does in itself deal with these subjects plus the devastation after Hurricane Katrina. But there were also fists being held up in the air and signs being shown (see link). In addition, the dancers’ outfits were very reminiscent of the Black Panther Party.

Thus, this has sparked controversy as some didn’t find the Super Bowl to be the appropriate venue for this sort of statement.
Some people even go as far as calling Beyoncé racist and are now calling for a boycott against the singer. “Some”, as in angry white people. You read it right.

Hashtag #BoycottBeyonce is calling for a protest in New York on 16 February to take a stance against Beyoncé’s “race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl” and the “slap in the face to law enforcement”.


It’s pretty fair to say that this shows how good and important it really was for Beyoncé to make a statement.

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