Coldplay, Beyoncé & Bruno Mars Entertain At Super Bowl Halftime Show

More Beyoncé now. She’s been unavoidable this weekend. Unless you haven’t been online until… now.

The American musical extravaganza in the form of the Super Bowl halftime show took place yesterday. American football and music have become an important combo. Especially when the Super Bowl turns 50.

Let’s start with the National Anthem though. It’s a big deal for artists, and this year none other than Lady Gaga got to sing it. If you still didn’t think she could sing, you were proven wrong:

The American National Anthem is the only one I know that is so powerful, it can make  anyone shed a tear when sung right.

Then came the halftime show. And it wasn’t just one band or artist. No.
Coldplay were the headline act. Then came Bruno Mars and his guys. Then, to top it all off, Beyoncé. Because why not.

I must say, I was left sliiightly unimpressed by it. It was a joyful and entertaining little show, but not spectacularly great.

I feel almost bad for Coldplay since people only seem to be raving about Beyoncé’s part today, as always. But the guys’ were good too and I can’t see Bey as being the be-all and end-all of everything. She was smart and payed homage to Michael Jackson’s classic performance with her outfit and she did a good job. That’s it. Bruno Mars and his crew were a fun addition.

All in all, it was a nice show.

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