Prince To Host Gala Event At Paisley Park

Prince has hinted on his social network accounts that something will happen in the 21st of January. For a number of days.

Just a few hours ago his Twitter confirmed what will be going down. The picture above has been posted with the text “Piano & A Microphone Gala Event, January 21 2016, Paisley Park”. Not more info needed, ey!?

Originally Piano & A Microphone was the title of the European Tour he was supposed to be on now, but after the recent terror attacks, Prince cancelled the shows. I assume this is a way of keeping them alive, even if it’s at his studios in the US.

The fact that it’s a gala event suggests that there will be numerous celebrities invited and perhaps some sort of charity involved.

As far as I can remember Princey has also been tweeting singers like Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora that they’re invited the 21st, but those tweets seem to have been deleted. I assume we can still count on some of them being there. Gorgeous women and Prince go hand in hand like I don’t know what.

Looking forward to hearing more as the day approaches, Princey!

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