I reported a couple of months ago that there would be new music from Prince this summer and today, on the first day of July, we got just that!

It’s not an album, but a single called HARDROCKLOVER and from what I can judge he seems to be going for a rockier/edgier sound. It’s filled with sexual desire and screaming, so Princey is definitely feeling raunchy again (which we all love)!

You can listen to the song over at Dr Funkenberry.

Mini review: This song is a grower, it makes you feel somehow odd at first but then you can’t help but being caught up in all the emotions and scream “Oooowwwaah!”. Definitely makes me curious about the other songs that are to come!

Rating: 3 out of 5 Kats

Btw, is that a woman’s leg sticking out in the picture or is Prince showing off his assets? Nah, must be a female who’s fainted. Nice of Princey to support her with his guitar… Wait, I just realized that the whole body is probably a woman’s. Duh. New model, love interest, dancer?? Hmm, the plot thickens…


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