Song Of The Week: Stonehenge

PSY has just met his competition!

Ylvis is a norwegian comedy duo who’ve just gone viral with The Fox and over 10 million views only one week after its release. Yes, they are in fact a comedy duo. And yes, if you haven’t you sooner or later WILL hear someone shout “what does the fox say?!”.

Now, I obviously had to see what other brilliantness this duo had recorded. And I found Stonehenge. This power ballad/latin lover parody (with a hint of Josh Groban in the kitchen) is pure genius and a new fave of mine! The best thing about it is that if you don’t listen to the lyrics, the music itself is kind of epic.

Forget about what the fox says, I rather wonder about the meaning of Stonehenge…!

2 thoughts on “Song Of The Week: Stonehenge

  1. I don’t know how one would have been able to miss the Fox by now (I even mention it in my post :P). But when I wrote this it “only” had 10 million views, so 101 million is crazy! Still prefer Stonehenge 😉

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